1000 Tableaus

With this art action it is possible to participate particularly creatively, individually or as a group (school, company or similar) in the art action Tausend Augen®️ and for humanity,

Peace and diversity to show their colors. Design your own board with or without a stencil and use different (acrylic) colors to paint to your heart's content; right in the studio, at your home or participate in an art action in public. Once all 1000 panels have been painted, they become part of a spectacular performance in which Mike Mathes presents his performance Thousand Eyes "Mimicry to Life" and thus brings all participants together in a great work of art.


Mike Mathes is known for his - mostly monumental - colorful works with countless eyes; however, there are many different projects besides, some of which have their own
Tell stories, partly to appeal to different people, but always shine a Tausend Augen® in different ways.

Inspired Eyes

Inspired eyes Here arise freely associated eye artworks in the sign of my 2003 from the baptism launched worldwide peace art thousand eyes. Spontaneous coloring and felt contrast effect rub against the basic motif eye.

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Gesicht zeigen

In the early 1980s, Mike Mathes was still a student at the Städel Art Academy in Frankfurt am Main, when he was diagnosed HIV-positive.

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JPII – Requiem zum 1.Todestag Johannes Paul II. – Kunstaktion von Mike Mathes. Am Sonntag, den 2.April 2006, um 11 Uhr,  werden im Kloster Heiligenborn in Bous die Ergebnisse der

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This campaign began at the Aids-Hilfe Saar, where Mike Mathes regularly offered creative courses and colorfully painted a black umbrella as motivation.

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Tausend Augen Worldwide

Mit dem Ausbruch des US-Irak-Krieges 2003 und der damit verbundenen Ohnmacht und dem Gefühl, irgendetwas tun zu müssen, hob Mike Mathes am gleichen Tag seine Kunstaktion Tausend Augen®️ aus der Taufe.

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In einem der zahlreichen Projekte an Schulen und Kindertagesstätten entwickelte sich die Idee, der Form des Saarlandes eine erweiterte Intention zu geben: ein Elefantenkind mit fliegenden Ohren, das alle mit

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