The diverse projects and actions of Mike Mathes offer countless opportunities to join him and support his art: show your face as an individual in a portrait, within a huge, thematic canvas or as an eye model for the worldwide peace art Tausend Augen. Of course, all this also applies to companies, associations or other organizations - and maybe Mike will come up with something very special for you. Don't be afraid to contact him - he's looking forward to it.


Mike Mathes' community of supporters is just as large and diverse as his repertoire - and that across the globe. You can become a part of it and support Mike's intentions. Mike would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants and is looking forward to further beautiful projects.

Wenn Sie möchten, können Sie Mike nachfolgend eine nette Nachricht und ein hübsches Foto von sich senden und so der Community beitreten, vielleicht andere ebenso für die Themen motivieren sowie auf dieser Seite wortwörtlch “Gesicht zeigen”.

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